DJchange gives bonuses :)

Hi, dear clients!

Today we launched bitcoin faucet for providing bonuses for DJchange visitors.

Anyone can receive payment from our website. For this purpose You must have bitcoin wallet:

– Use page of receiving bonuses ‘DJchange Faucet’;

– insеrt your btc address;

– wait for the end of the counter and press ‘Take a Bonus’ button;

– solve the simple captcha (I’m not a robot);

Payment will be automatically transferred to your account of micropayments of faucetbox.com.

You can receive a bonus from our website each 800 minutes!

Besides, you can use your referral link
https://djchange.cc/free/?r=Your_Bitcoin_Address (rеplace Your_Bitcoin_Address with your bitcoin a purse) and to earn 10% of the commission!

DJchange team

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