Affiliate program

DJchange.cc created easy-to-use and profitable Affiliate Program. Our Affiliate Program can be a great source of additional online profit, in frames of which you get money if you attract your visitors to our exchanger.

The main rules of our affiliate program are:

The minimum payment is $5.
Free participation, requiring no additional conditions.
Attractive fees for affiliates, 4 levels of Affiliate program.
Wide choice of promo materials for your website (if you have it).
Reliable and stable service with our team.
You can withdraw your commissions at any time to your e-currency account.

Levels of Affiliate Program:

  • 15000 $ – 0.4%
  • 10000 $ – 0.3%
  • 5000 $ – 0.2%
  • 0 $ – 0.1%

Example: If you have a lot of referrals and they exchanged more over $15000 you will get 0.4% from every order of your referral. That means, from every $1000 you will receive $4 commission.

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