It usually takes from 5 to 30 minutes (please see the status of operator).

You have only 15 minutes to pay the order! If you don’t pay the order within 15 minutes, our system will dеlete your request automatically.

This exchange direction is available for verified users only!

Attention! Verification process usually takes not more than three minutes!
If you make orders related with bank accounts – it requires verification of your card.
Swindlers/scammers can make the transactions without your agreement, that is why we have to do verification of your account.
Process of verification will take some minutes and it is required only once on each new card.
If you want you can cover several numbers and card expiration date (use your fingers or paper).
You can see the example of the verified card on this image.

Please, make photo of your bank card near by monitor (screen) of your computer with an open tab of DJchange website.
Requirements for the photo:
1. Name of the cardholder and numbers must be visible and readable.
2. At a background (behind the card) we must see djchange.cc website.

Giving →
Альфа-Клик RUB
Bitcoin BTC
Наличные (Мск) RUB
Наличные (Мск) USD
Альфа cash-in RUB
Альфа cash-in USD
Сбербанк RUB
Тинькофф банк RUB
Альфа-Клик RUB
Банк Открытие RUB
From the card:
Please enter 16 of your Alfabank' card
Receive ←
Bitcoin BTC
Bitcoin BTC
To the account:
For example, 131yVRtzFYfEWPYriAUrJi4ncvgVBvzXC7
Last name:
First name:
Second name:

Some steps for successful exchange:

1. Fill all fields correctly and click ‘Continue’ green button.
2. Press the button “I agree with rules and terms” and check again your data.
3. Please follow the instructions on our website and pay the order.
4. After these steps, the system will move you on the ‘status’ page, where you can see the status of your order.
Do not forget to refresh the page after some minutes.

Attention : Please check the status of the operator before exchange.
Processing of your paid orders usually takes from 5 to 30 minutes if you see ‘operator online’ status;
If you see ‘operator offline’ status your order will be finished within 1-12 hours.

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